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Most Beautiful HUNZA valley

Hunza is like Beautiful Painting for me.

People are loving, This valley is coverd with beautiful snow mountains .

Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit baltistan region of Pakistan.

It is most beautiful and peaceful valley with loving and welcoming people.

The locaal languages spoken include Burushaski, wakhi and shina. The literacy rate of the Hunza valley is more than 77%. 

I am sharing pictures of my recent trip to hunza.

Atumn at Hunza

atumn at hunza

Beautiful Hunza valley

and here are some pictures at karimabad market. Do not forget to try yak pizza, its delicious


yak pizza

yak pizza at hunza

Beautiful Hunza valley

and when i was wandering at karimabad market i saw some local people were playing luddo . i just stopped there to enjoy their game at chai dhaba.

These are beautiful views at Eagle nest view point Duikar Hunza duikar hunza

And again this one is self shot and its my most favourite.

duikar hunza
Altit fort hunza

altit for hunza

view from altit fort

rpyal garden hunza

and here are few pictures from passu and hussaini


Famous Apricot cake at glacier breeze hotel

local boys at hussaini

and here are pictures of aatabad lake.

this is old setelment of hunza, which is called Ganesh

gaesh hunza

Thankyou for your time 🙂 Hope you like Hunza Valley